I’m Not Done with Trump…

James 1:8 – A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.

The pundits will tell you it’s over, and the Trump supporters are telling you to get in line. So here’s my response: NO!

This primary isn’t over. In fact, there may be a good hope yet for Ted Cruz. I haven’t seen a single, news media outlet report this key tidbit of information, save the WSJ Opinion Page, but Ted Cruz has won all but one of the closed primary races. The primaries ahead this Saturday are ALL closed primaries. This could bode well for Cruz and bad for Trump, who seems to struggle courting conservatives with his liberal stances (maybe that’s why Fox News is conveniently focusing on March 15th primaries when there are many primaries between now and then). Democrats and Independents won’t be able to help Trump this Saturday, nor here in Ohio (unless those voters are willing to become Republicans – like I’m willing to do to help Cruz).

Trump doesn’t have 1,237 delegates. He barely has a fourth of what he needs to be the nominee (with Cruz right on his heels). We need to stand strong and vote for a better candidate to win this nomination. I won’t tell you who to vote for, but I will urge you – not Trump.

On that line of thinking, I need to share with you what the Lord shared with me in prayer this week. I’ve been seeking the Lord for a Josiah (one of the few good kings of Judah, who led a national reformation back to the law) to be our next president, and as I was doing so, He informed me that Trump is Jehu. Who is Jehu, you ask? Let me explain.

In 1 Kings 19:16, the Lord instructs Elijah to anoint a man named Jehu to be the king of Israel (the Northern Kingdom after Israel split in two). When Elijah anointed him, he prophesied over Jehu saying he would avenge the Lord’s servants by taking down the House of Ahab (a wicked king). Jehu went on to fulfill this prophecy, which was a good thing – but that isn’t the end of the story.

While he did take down Ahab and destroy the Baal worship in Israel, he didn’t follow God’s law and he allowed the worship of the golden calf to continue. He did God’s bidding, but then he went too far down the wrong path.

Trump, like Jehu, claims he will undo the wickedness of Washington. I think he will, but like Jehu, Trump will likely go too far. He already has shown his disregard for the Constitution on issues, such as Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.

Trump supporters want him to burn it all down (figuratively), but the danger with fire is it can get out of hand. What’s going to stop the fire from burning us in the process? Or if the controlled-burn goes successfully, is Trump a constitutionalist that we can trust to raise the right government from the ashes? I think not.

So if you’re a registered voter in Ohio, I encourage you, pick a candidate and support them – not just in word, but in deed – it is too critical to sit down and let others decide the fate of our nation. All I’ve heard this week is ‘will you vote for Trump in a general election? If not, you’re wasting your vote or you’re voting for Hillary.’ I pray we don’t get to that point. Forget what letter is behind your name, that doesn’t matter – saving our country does! So registered voters, let’s get out there and do our civic duty, but please, for me, don’t vote Trump.


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