What Else Is on the Ballot?

2 Timothy 2:15 – Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 

With all the hype about the presidential nominating contest, most people have likely forgotten that there are other races on the ballot this coming Tuesday.

While the presidential nomination is the most important race in our country, if we don’t take due diligence to study up on the other races and nominate the right people within our respective parties, then we are failing ourselves. Who we put in the Congress/State Legislature has just as big of an impact upon us as does who becomes president.

As promised in prior blogs, I did the work for you – well, some of you. I’m voting in the Republican primary because as you likely know, I support Ted Cruz. As a result, I am going to cover the Republican ballot and the general issues for the following counties: Ross, Pike, Scioto, and Adams. If you’re a Democrat, I apologize, but you’ll have to do your own vetting of your candidates.

So to begin, let’s start with the second biggest race on the ballot, U.S. Senate. Currently Rob Portman, a Republican, is our senator. The problem with Portman is he’s a RINO (Republican in name only). This man is not a true conservative. How can I make such a bold statement? His record proves my point.

There is a wonderful organization called Conservative Review. They provide each U.S. Senator and Congressman/woman with a letter grade based on their voting record. If the person votes for the conservative stance on a piece of legislation they receive a point. If they do not vote conservative or abstain from the vote, they receive no points. They base the score on their voting record over a rolling six year time-frame (for members who have been there long enough), and then publish the grades online. To illustrate with names you know, Ted Cruz received an A along with three other senators: Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ben Sasse. Marco Rubio received a high C.

Back to Portman, he received a 50%, F! An F! This man is not a conservative. If this was the general election and it was him vs. Ted Strickland, who is pro-abortion, etc., I would urge you to vote for him, but this is the primary so we have other choices. Sadly, Portman doesn’t have many challengers. A tea-party conservative named Strzala was running, but I believe she must have missed the filing deadline because her name was not listed on the ballot. Another man named Don Eckhart is running as well. He is a state employee and wants to go to the Senate to defend Religious Liberty.

My job is not to tell you how to vote, and the fact that Eckhart has no experience scares me, but what’s worse, a man who lies about being conservative or a man with no experience? I’ll leave it for you to decide.

Now to the next biggest race: our congressional seat. Currently, the Congressman for our area is Brad Wenstrup. I’ve contacted his office over issues before and he seems like a nice man, but again, he is not a true conservative. Conservative Review gives Mr. Wenstrup a 67%, D. Better than Portman, but still not conservative.

Wenstrup has more than one challenger, but I find one especially intriguing: Jim Lewis. Mr. Lewis is a graduate of West Point, an Army veteran, a retired post office worker, and a current school board member of West Clermont. He identifies himself as a Tea Party Conservative. This man is more than qualified to serve our District in Congress, and I will be voting for him.

Again, I’m not here to tell you how to vote, but to present you with the options and my opinions. I don’t think we should send incumbents back to Washington just because they are incumbents. That is what got us into this mess in the first place. If there is a qualified challenger, let’s give them a shot, the worst thing that can happen is they are awful in office and we throw them out the next election cycle, which is only two years for a Congressional seat.

Now onto state legislature races. Joe Uecker is running unopposed for the 14th District State Senate seat (Adams and Scioto). The 17th District seat (Pike and Ross) is not up for election this year. In terms of the Ohio House, all three representatives: Terry Johnson (90th – Scioto and Adams), Cliff Rosenberger (91st – Pike), and Gary Scherer (92nd – Ross) are running unopposed.

Moving to judges, the chief justice for Ohio’s Supreme Court is running unopposed, while one state supreme court nomination on the Republican side has a contest (O’Toole vs. Fischer). Look them up and decide who best represents your values. Judges are largely forgotten in elections, but they often have more sway in the direction of our nation than elected officials. We are in the 4th District for the Ohio Court of Appeals. The Republican nominee, McFarland, is running unopposed.

Lastly, the issues by county. This is just a list so you can make your own opinion on how you want to vote, but at least you’ll be familiar with the items before you go to the polls. Also, there will be county races for offices, such as Commissioner and Sheriff. I did not have the time to go through each of those for each county, so do your homework on those races before you head to the polls!

Adams County Issues:

  • Levies in Manchester – Cemetery maintenance (replacement) and street construction (additional)
  • Levies in Winchester – Current Expenses (renewal)
  • Electrical Aggregation in Winchester
  • Liquor in Sprigg Township

Pike County Issues:

  • Levy for Health Programs (additional)

Ross County Issues:

  • Adena Schools Levy (Additional) – Expenses and Facility Improvements
  • Levy for RC Board of Developmental Disabilities (Renewal) – Operating Expenses
  • Concord TWP Levy for Cemeteries (additional)
  • Franklin TWP – Fire and EMS (additional)
  • Green TWP – Fire and EMS (Renewal)
  • Franklin South TWP – Liquor

Scioto County Issues:

  • Scioto County Senior Citizens – Maintain and support senior citizen services and facilities (renewal)
  • Green TWP – Police Protection (renewal)
  • Washington TWP – Roads (renewal)
  • Green TWP – Electric Aggregation
  • Portsmouth City – Three charter amendments (no info available)
  • Porter TWP – Liquor
  • Washington TWP – Liquor

I hope this list and information helps you this coming Tuesday! If you’re a registered voter, get out and vote! It is your civic duty, but don’t do it uninformed. Uninformed voting is one of the problems in this country and one of the reasons why we are in the mess we are. Study up, and remember, please don’t vote Trump!


One thought on “What Else Is on the Ballot?

  1. Portman has really gone to bat for the workers at the Piketon enrichment plant who are losing their jobs and standing up to the DOE for not keeping this going when we were so gung ho to help Iran get their deal. I honestly think with every candidate, since they are people just like you and I , there are going to be things we agree/don’t agree with.

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